Thursday, July 15, 2010

Online Marketing, Christina's Style

I have been asked about so many of my programs that I decided a simple blog would make it easier to get more information, help, and it would be easier for me to gather my thoughts, something that is hard in my current situation at home...

In this blog, you'll find information about the various programs I am involved in as well HOW I make money with each of them. Each program should be treated as something different from the next, because they are.

Making money online has been my priority for the past year and I have discovered a strategy that works, is powerful, and free, BUT it is hard to do within the walls of Swom or Facebook or another social site. I needed something different to truly make a difference in my down line's experience. This will work perfect! Something to expand as we go. It's been a fun ride for me so far, but with your company... it's going to get even better!

Welcome to my blog!

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